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Chemistry 1111 Library Lab Class Guide for the Elements Assignment


Write a short research paper about a chemical element. Consult your professor for the paper's required length, typically between 1 and 2 pages of writing.

Obtain information about your element from at least one reference work, such as an encyclopedia or handbook, and at least one periodical article, such as a journal article.

Include a works cited page and cite your information sources using the CSE Citation-Sequence system.

In your paper, answer these questions about your element:

What are its basic properties, including atomic number, molar mass, and density?

Is this element a metal, non-metal, or metalloid?

Who discovered this element, and when?

What are the isotopes of this element and are any of them radioactive?

What is one main use of this element? Describe this use. There may be medical, military, environmental, or economic uses for this element either by itself or in a compound that includes it, for example.

Where to Start

Chemistry Information Sources

Use the tabs above to find chemistry information from reference works, journal articles, and web sites.

The ACC Chemistry Lab Library Research Tutorial teaches methods for conducting chemistry research using ACC library resources.

Chemistry Lab Tutorial


More chemistry resources are at ACC's Chemistry Subject Guide.


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