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Computer Science & Computer Information Technology: Articles

A guide to resources, online and in print, related to computers, programming, and computer information technology.

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Newspaper / Magazine / Journal Article Databases

ACC Libraries have many article databases.  The ones listed are the most useful for computer science and technology.

(See a complete list of ACC Library Databases by Subject or by Title)

Online, Open Access Databases

These databases provide articles, like those published in magazines and journals, but may also contain full text reports, theses, and other documents.

Remote Access

To access electronic resources from an off-campus location, you will need to log in with your ACCeID and password. 

Options for Getting Access to Articles Found on the Web

Scenario:  you find the citation of an article on the Web, but the full text is not available or you would have to pay a fee to get a copy of the article. 

Before paying for an article on a publisher's website, consider these options:

  1. Ask a librarian for help and you'll save both time and money.

  2. Use the E-Journal Finder to search for the title of the  journal, magazine, or newspaper that published the article to find out if ACC library databases provide the full text. 

  3. Search Catalogs at Other Libraries to see if a local library subscribes to the journal or magazine that published the article you want.  If you find the periodical in an Austin-area library, you can usually go there and make a photocopy of the article. 

  4. Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILL service generally takes from two to eight weeks. This service takes more time because the article must be requested and then sent from a library that owns it. That library could be in another state.

Learn more...

View a short, interactive tutorial, "Finding Articles," for more information..

The resources listed in the box on the left are good tools to use to start your search for magazine and journal articles related to programming and other computer-related topics.

News & Magazines Online

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Tech News

From About Slashdot: "In the beginning there was no Slashdot. Bored and confused geeks would scribble 'First Post' in the sand. ...and there wasn't a place to get nerd oriented news. Then in September of 97 Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda changed all that. With the help of Jeff "Hemos" Bates and others, Slashdot has stumbled forward with the simple mission to provide 'News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters'.
Today Slashdot is owned by Geeknet, Inc., but it is still run by many of the same people as it was 'Back in the Day'. Today we serve millions of pages to hundreds of thousands of readers. But the goal is still the same."

News updates about all areas of technology.

New York Times: Technology
News, Bits blogs, videos, podcasts, and more.

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