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A guide to library resources and websites for Radio, Television, and Film.

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Welcome to the Radio-Television-Film Research Guide. Use the tabs across the top of the page to navigate through the different sections of this guide. Tabs with an arrow have sub-pages.

Finding Background Information

If you don't know much about your topic, Encyclopedias are a good place to start. They provide broad overviews and background information.

If you can make it in to campus you can look up your topic in one of our RTF encyclopedias.

If you can't make it to campus, try one of our online Encyclopedias:

Radio-Television-Film Apps

Apps (little software applications) allow you to customize your tablet to do the things you like to do. Some of the apps listed are free, while others are fee-based. Additionally, some apps are initially free, and then require in-app purchases if more features and functionality are desired. Listed, you will find some app recommendations we have come up with through trial, error, and our own experiences.

ACC Library Services does not endorse any fee-based apps nor it is liable for reimbursement of any apps paid for by patrons. Please refer to the Tablet Circulation Policy for further details.

Celtx Shots-Visualize your story and create multi-sequence storyboards, camera blocking, and lighting setups on the fly. (iOS)

Cinema Forms App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Cinema Forms-A tool that allows you to create, manage, and share production worksheets and legal releases directly from your iPad. Create call sheets, break down sheets, talent releases, location release, and more. (iOS)

Shot Designer App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Shot Designer-Made for directors and DPs. Creates animated camera diagrams, with shot list, storyboards and director's viewfinder, and sync and team sharing for pro users. (iOS)

PANASCOUT-Shoot location photos in different aspect ratios with "metadata in every shot including: GPS Data, Compass Heading, Date/Time, Aspect Ratio, and Focal Length. (iOS/Android)

DSLR Filmmaker's Toolkit-A collection of 7 production tools: View Finder, Shot Log, Electronic Slate, Depth of Field Calculator, Time Lapse Calculator, Daylight Hours, and Spirit Level. (iOS)

FilmTouch App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
FilmTouch-Imports PDF callsheets and crew lists into a private, searchable list of your jobs, companies and coworkers. (iOS)

MapAPic App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
MapAPic-Organizes all your shoot locations in a searchable database. (iOS)

Scripts Pro App-please select iOS or Android below to access the app
Scripts Pro-Automatically generates industry standard screenplay formatting. (iOS)

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