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Statistics: Web Data Tools

A guide to finding statistics on the web

U.S. Census Bureau Infographics & Visuals

The U.S. Census Bureau creates infographics based on the data it collects about the American population. New graphics are constantly being released. And one of the best things about these infographics is that the census very clearly points to the data they used to create them.



Google Public Data

Google has a public data search that can provide visual representations of U.S. data at the national, state and county levels. Currently, this service covers population and unemployment data.

Some sample searches you might try:

Travis County unemployment rate

Texas population

See the following video for more about how to use Google Public Data.


Where Americans Are Moving

This interactive map from graphically displays how many people have moved into or out of any county in the United States, and where they were either moving from or moving to. This is a really interesting way to visually display this data. This example photo shows some of the data for Travis County, Texas.

In this example, the black lines represent people moving to Travis County, and the red lines represent people moving away. The counties that people move from and to are hilighted in purple.

Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic is an online repository of visualized data. A new graphic appears every weekday. Here's a recent example...

Loading ...

Wolfram|Alpha Search

Wolfram|Alpha is a unique search engine that dynamically converts searches into graphical and tabular data -- well, that's one of the things it does. The website claims that it's goal is to "make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything."

Wolfram|Alpha has put together a page of sample Socioeconomic Data searches that can help you gather statistics on a wide range of topics.

Look at some of the results from some of these examples:

A data comparison of Travis and Williamson Counties in Texas
A world map of military expenditures by country
The United States unemployment rate

Be sure to check out the source information link at the bottom of the page to see where the data came from.

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