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Honors British Literature 2 ENGL 2323 - Holton: Books/E-books/Media

Library resources to assist in research for Gothic Literature and Its Popular Accomplices

Finding Books/E-Books/Media/Free Books

ACC has a wide variety of books, electronic books, and audiovisual materials on gothic literature and related subjects. In addition, older gothic literature is located in the public domain. I've add those resources as well. 

Free Resources

If a book has entered into the public domain, it is free! While your professor wants you to read specific editions of the core texts, it might be helpful to also listen to these texts while reading and/or access other texts for additional assignments.

Project Gutenberg (and some of our databases) provides full-text versions of certain works.

Librivox provides free full-text audio recordings of certain works.

The Folger Shakespeare Library is the preeminent resource of Shakespeare's works. The link includes background information on MacBeth as well as access to the entire play. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a full-text version of The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Some authors have given up their rights to their material giving anyone access to it for free. Examples include:

A Guide to the Gothic by Jeanette A. Laredo: "A Gothic anthology of selections from more than 200 years of Gothic works in the public domain.....from 1764 to the present".


A search for "gothic literature" yields 43 results in our library catalog. You can narrow from there to specific limiters like location or online resource. You can also request books to be sent from other campuses to the campus of your choice by selecting "Request This Copy" (not available for Reference or Ebooks).

Sample materials are listed below:

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Gothic Publishers

Check out the latest in Gothic literature from these publishers:

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