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Tech Toolbox: Wireless

Helpful resources for working with a variety of technologies available to you at ACC.

Student Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Security

Dr. Daniel Soper provides an introduction to computer security in 12 lessons.  Lesson 8 covers wireless security. Topics covered include wireless network concepts, wireless communication, the 802.11 protocol suite, wireless data frames, management frames, wireless network vulnerabilities, MAC spoofing, wired equivalent privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi protected access (WPA and WPA2), and methods of attacking wireless networks. You will need to skip ads to get to the content. Other lesson topics covered include dependence on technology, information assets, threats, vulnerabilities, controls, confidentiality, integrity, availability, types of attackers, methods of defense, and multi-layered security. Published in 2013.

How Does Wi-Fi Work?

Phone Security

Mobile phones can be susceptible to malware.  The Federal Communications Commissions offers an FCC Smartphone Security Checker @ for four types of phones, and a  general smartphone security checklist (PDF).

Browser Security

Encrypt your wireless web browsing session!

Follow the Instructions on how to secure your wireless (Wi-Fi) home network.


Many computer viruses are spread via email, either as a file attachment or via a hyperlink within the email itself. For this reason, you should not open any attachment you are not expecting or click on any link you're not sure of.

If you receive an email attachment that you were not expecting, you should contact the sender to verify that they purposely sent you the attachment before you open it.

A number of the virus warnings circulating via email are hoaxes. Before forwarding any virus warning, always verify the information through a trusted anti-virus resource, such as the McAfee Threat Center, or an urban legends reference site, such as

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