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Faculty Teaching Toolbox: Course and Faculty Evaluations

The Faculty Teaching Toolbox is a resource for faculty and staff that provides an introduction to some of the many instructional support services offered by Austin Community College.

What are Course Evaluations?

In-Class Evaluation of Faculty:

Class Climate is a software that ACC uses to conduct all of its course evaluations.

You will need to deactivate your pop-up blocker and check that your Java software is up to date.

Distance Education:

Distance Education course evaluations are conducted each semester in conjunction with on-campus evaluations.

How do I access Faculty Evaluation Information?

Go to the Faculty Evaluation link listed below:

How do I use Course Evaluations?

If you have trouble understanding your results once you receive them, you can refer to this document .

What do I tell my students?

Instructions for student monitors can be found here. Also encourage your students to be honest and thorough in their course evaluations. Instructors value feedback and learn a great deal from their students.

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