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Faculty Teaching Toolbox: Free online Tutoring for Students

The Faculty Teaching Toolbox is a resource for faculty and staff that provides an introduction to some of the many instructional support services offered by Austin Community College.

What is Brainfuse?

Austin Community College provides its students with free access to Brainfuse, an online writing lab and tutoring service.

With Brainfuse your students can:

  • Get real-time or asynchronous tutoring in mathematics (from basic math to calculus II), economics, statistics, accounting, chemistry, Spanish, and writing for all subjects
  • Access a full range of study resources including sample problems, diagnostic tests, and study skills and writing manuals
  • Interact with a live tutor immediately
  • Submit a question or paper and get help within 24 hours
  • Schedule a session with a specific tutor
  • Access the Grammar Center for answering quick questions
  • Use the Brainstorming Center if they need help with paper topic ideas

How do I access Brainfuse?

To learn more about services available to your students, contact the Learning Lab on your campus. They can give you access to a faculty test account that will allow you to go into Brainfuse as a student so that you can test-drive the service without using up the hours ACC has purchased to support students. You can also read about available services at the Brainfuse website. Students access Brainfus directly through the Blackboard interface. After they login, they will find a link is provided on the left under “Tools.”

You may also choose to integrate Brainfuse directly into your course. Speak to an Instructional Design Specialist on your campus to learn more about how to support your students by taking advantage of this tool!

How do I use Brainfuse?

  • Mention Brainfuse in your syllabus when discussing the resources available to students who need assistance in your course.
  • Post links to Brainfuse student support documents on your course web page.
  • Whenever assignments are soon to be due or tests are coming up, remind students that Brainfuse can help them prepare for an exam or can help them improve their writing.
  • Require students with low grades to visit Brainfuse e-structors and show you a copy of their interactions. 

What do I tell my students?

Be sure to tell students to accss Brainfuse through ACC's Blackboard so that they can take advantage of the support ACC is providing them. If they access Brainfuse through the Brainfuse website, they will not be able to login.

Remind your students throughout the semester that Brainfuse is free, easily accessible, and intended to help them succeed. Stress to your students that there is always someone available to help them.

If your students prefer a face to face interaction, remind them about the ACC Learning Labs, which are located at each campus and provide tutoring by appointment or drop-in, group study rooms, and computers for student work.

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