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Tablet Information Guide: Circulation Policy & Check-out Agreement

Circulation Policy

Austin Community College (ACC)

IRT/Library Services


ACC Instructional Resources & Technology/Library Services (IRT/LS) is committed to providing maximum availability of its resources for currently enrolled ACC students as referenced in the Administrative Rule #4.02.002. To this end, the Library has purchased tablets for current ACC students to check out.  The purpose of the service is to expand awareness of library e-resources in general and specifically the 65,000+ e-books available to current ACC students. In addition, the tablets will familiarize students with newer technology formats.  To ensure accurate content/assistance for tablet users, ACC librarians are available to provide support for borrowed tablets during regular hours of operation. 

These tablets are not data-plan capable and will only connect to the Internet using a wireless connection (WiFi). In order to download books or applications outside the ACC libraries, borrowers will need WiFi. The tablet will automatically connect to WiFi while at any ACC campus. Austin Community College cannot provide support for connecting the tablet to WiFi outside of the ACC campuses. Austin Community College will not reimburse for any charges incurred for obtaining WiFi access.


●   A Tablet Checkout Agreement must be read and signed by the borrower before the tablet is checked out for the first time. This Agreement is valid for one academic year.

●   Austin Community College Libraries will lend tablets to currently-enrolled, eligible ACC students. Only credit ACC students with a current ACC photo ID and no records holds or patron bar may check out a tablet.

●   At this time, due to the number of tablets available, ACC faculty, staff, hourly employees, CE, adult education, TexShare and courtesy borrowers are not eligible to checkout tablets.

●   Tablets have a 2-week loan period and can be renewed twice in-person (pending review of availability). After a checkout period, patrons must wait at least 24 hours in order to check out another tablet.

●   Tablets are available on a first-come first-served basis and cannot be placed on hold for students or on reserve by faculty. Only one tablet may be checked out at a time per borrower. Tablets may not be sent between campuses for checkout.

●   Tablets returned late are subject to a $1.00 overdue fine each day the device is late. Tablets and any accessories not returned after 30 days of being late will be assumed lost and the patron will be liable for full replacement costs, maximum overdue fines and processing fee(s).  Processing fee for loss of bundle is $15. For partial loss, the processing fee is $5 for each item. If loss or fines/fees are incurred, ACC LS will NOT accept replacement items as substitute for fines/fees.

●   Replacement costs are as follows and all are subject to change based on current retail pricing:

Venue = $150 or replacement cost

iPad = $270 or replacement cost

Venue/iPad case = $30

iPad power adapter = $19

iPad USB cable = $19

Venue power adapter = $20

Venue USB cable = $10

Neoprene Bundle case = $25

●   Patrons returning tablets with any irreparable damage (determined by an ACC technician) will be charged full replacement costs (see above) and the corresponding processing fee. As with printed materials, patrons who pay full replacement costs will have the option of keeping the damaged item(s). In cases when the item is visibly damaged, the item will be evaluated by an ACC technician. Immediate assessment of level of damage is not always available.

●   Patrons are solely responsible for backing up any downloads or purchases to their own computer before returning the tablet. ACC will not reimburse for any purchased apps/books/music/data plans, etc...

●   ACC Library Services will not save or transfer any information or downloads from the tablet. All personal information, including any school-related information or downloaded materials will be erased from the tablet once it is returned.

●   All tablets are subject to ACC’s acceptable use policy (AR-3.05.002). Tablets may not be used to engage in illegal activities.


Check-out Agreement



By my signature below, I state that I am a currently enrolled ACC student and that I agree to all of the following statements:


  • I will return the tablet and all accessories to a staff member at the same ACC campus library checkout desk from which I borrowed the tablet.

  • I understand that it must be in the same condition in which I checked it out and that tablets may not be returned in book drops.

  • I accept full responsibility for the tablet and accessories and agree to pay ACC for the full replacement cost of the tablet and any accessories if they are lost, stolen, or damaged while they are checked out in my name.

  • I understand that fines will accrue on my patron record if the tablet is late and that my library record may incur a registration hold and bar. Overdue fines are $1 per day with a maximum of $25.

  • I understand that tablets which are more than 30 days overdue will be assumed lost and I will be charged the full replacement cost of the items.

  • I understand that I have to set-up/register the tablet with a Library staff member after checking out the device.

  • I understand that the equipment remains the property of ACC and that the borrower is responsible to safeguard and protect the equipment against damage and loss during the loan period.

  • I understand that this agreement is good for one academic year and will be kept on file at the library in which it was signed and that I will have to sign a new agreement each academic year.

  • Failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege of borrowing a tablet and any accessories.



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