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Team Leaders & Facilitators (TLF): Home

Welcome to the TLF LibGuide. Here you will find information on who we are and what we do.


Collection Development Team (CDT)

     Co-chairs- Barbara Jorge & Linda Barr

     Members- Adrian Graham, Jonathon Buckstead, Betsy Young, Lola Cowling, Renee Kuhles, Jordan Forbes, Cary Sowell


     Co-Leaders- Jen Weber & Renee Kuhles

     Lynda Infante


     Leader- Teresa Ashley

     Members- Terry Barksdale, Steve Self,  Angelica Saenz

 E-Device Team

     Co-Leaders- Kristyn Pittman & Marc Petrick

     Members- Adrian Graham, Dave Wilson, Steve Self, Jen Webber, Nicholas Keeling, Alexander Speetzen

 Information Literacy Team (IL)

     Co-Leaders- Courtney Mlinar & Irena Klaic

     Members- Ashley Carr, Dave Wilson, Kristyn Pittman, Lorrie Phillips


     Co-Leaders- Nichole Chagnon & Marc Petrick

     Members- Dave Wilson, Irena Klaic, BatLab LA's

Opening Day Collection (ODC)

     Leader- Barbara Jorge

     Members- Betsy Young, Molly Ledbetter, Lola Cowling, Teresa Ashley, Toyya Cisneros, Jordan Forbes

Open Educational Resources (OER) 

     Facilitator- Carrie Gits

Public Relations (PR)

     Co-leaders- Betsy Young & Molly Ledbetter

     Members- Dave Wilson, Julie Todaro, Amy Heath


     Co-Leaders- Toyya Cisneros & Courtney Mlinar

     Members- Sandra Teft, Cary Sowell, Alexander Speetzen, Christine Rosa, Dixie West

Social Media

     Leader- Dave Wilson

     Members- Ashley Carr, Molly Ledbetter, Kristyn Pittman, Adrian Graham, Steve Self, Margaret Peloquin

Staff Development

     Co-Leaders- Sheila Henderson & Sandra Teft

     Members- Julie Todaro, Jon Luckstead, Toyya Cisneros, Cary Sowell, 

Strategic Planning

     Leader- Julie Todaro

     Members- Molly Ledbetter, Shaula O'Connor, Margaret Peloquin, Pam Spooner, Nancy Garrett, Linda Clement, Carrie Gits, Courtney Mlinar, Toyya Cisneros, Marc Petrick, Kristyn Pittman, Jen Weber, Dave Wilson, Linda Barr (Lola Cowling, Resource)


     Leader- Steve Self

     Members- Jon Buckstead, Teresa Ashley, Irena Klaic, Margaret Peloquin, Jen Webber, Marc Petrick, Ashley Carr, Nicholas Keeling, Nichole Chagnon


     Leader- Margaret Peloquin

     Members- Ashley Carr, Steve Self, Courtney Mlinar, Dave Wilson, Marc Petrick, Irena Klaic

     Subgroup- Spanish




Accessibility- Irena Klaic

Assessment- Lola Cowling

Campus Guides- Courtney Mlinar

Early College High School (ECHS)-  Kristyn Pittman & Mary Havens

Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management (EP & RM)- Irena Klaic

Facilities (Current)- Julie Todaro

Facilities (New Campus Library Planning)- Irena Klaic/Jordan Forbes

Library System Administrator - Melissa Airoldi

ILS +- Linda Barr

Student Success/First Year Experience- Ashley Carr

Textbooks- Carrie Gits

TLF- Toyya Cisneros



General Charge

  • Increase participation in the continual development and improvement of Library Services
  • Continue the LS transforming initiative/process
  • Enhance goal setting and outcomes design, and productivity
  • Increase participation in the LS decision making process
  • Expand avenues, modes and methods of communication
  • Exchange of ideas and information sharing among all LS leaders
  • Increase two-way communication between LS leaders and LS Dean
  • Identify ways to maximize library staff, resources and services
  • Identify library needs, strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats/challenges
  • Develop pathways to leadership, management, and team building
  • Develop awareness of ACC issues affect Library Services, and vice versa


Building Effective & Motivated Teams

Trust Building


Copyright- Courtney Mlinar

Distance Learning- Terry Barksdale

Faculty Publications, Research, Exhibitions & Performances

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)- Evan Hendrix

McNaughton- Betsy Young

Reserves- Sara Casselberry

Sustainability- Ashley Carr



Full Time Positions

E-Resources- Adrian Graham


Benefits of Team Leaders & Facilitators Meetings

  • Communication among LS Function leaders
  • Problem solving
  • Information sharing between groups
  • Team building
  • Collegiality
  • LS Function representation
  • LS networking


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