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Todaro ALA Initiative SCHOOL LIBRARIES WORKSPACE "Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library": Todaro Committee Membership / Charge

School Libraries - Membership

Dorcas Hand, Co-Chair

Sara Kelly Johns, Co-Chair

Susan Ballard, Co-Chair

Angela Hall

Debra Kachel

Jennifer Jamison

Kathy Hicks Brooks

Kathy Burnette

Kay Wejrowski

Ric Hasenyager

Joyce Valenza

School Libraries - Charge

The school library team will focus on building the capacity, knowledge, skills and expertise of school library personnel to transform teaching and learning. Elements of our work will include:

  • Develop a list of dispositions that empower strong school library practice.
  • Develop a spectrum of core competencies from beginner to expert focused on leadership with links out to potential PD opportunities that will allow users to build their personal expertise along the continuum of leadership as we think, create, share and grow. 
  • Include solo building librarians, school librarians who travel between multiple campuses, paraprofessionals acting alone on campuses, certified teachers pursuing librarian credentials, nonprofessional assistants, district directors, and department heads.
  • How to build and implement a strong school library culture on campuses and across districts.
  • How to develop measurable assessments and outcomes of these core competencies beyond student test scores and circulation statistics, interlink these competencies, assessments and PD options in such a way that users can develop personal learning plans to remain current and grow professionally.
  • Develop a list of useful vocabulary with definitions (avoiding as much as possible library jargon).
  • Compile information and references that detail the VALUE of school librarians in measurable terms to students, parents, campuses, districts and communities.
  • Develop a list of tangible products that reflect this work for audiences that include practicing school librarians (certified and para), school library students, school library educators,pre-service teacher and administrator educators and all those responsible for student learning (campus and district administrators, parents, school boards, schools of education, etc).
  • Initiate the development of useful tools for practitioners.
  • Develop list of possible research topics to assist AASL with their development of a theoretical base of school librarianship.
  • Align our efforts with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

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