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Todaro ALA Initiative SCHOOL LIBRARIES WORKSPACE "Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library": School Librarian Leadership & Collaboration

Leadership Resources

American Association of School Librarians. "Advocacy & Leadership Competencies and Rubric." 2010. File last modified on 2016. PDF file. This PDF is extracted from 2010 ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians as approved by Specialty Areas Studies Board (SASB) of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), October 24, 2010. This rubric offers clarification of the competencies in demonstrable terms.

Alliance for Excellent Education. "Leading In and Beyond the Library." Alliance for Excellent Education. N.p., 28 Jan. 2014. Web. . How do librarians lead in education? This report explains. PDF version

Colorado Dept. of Ed.  Highly Effective School Library Program with rubric. Colorado Dept. of Ed., 2016.

Future Ready. Future Ready Librarians Fact Sheet. Infographic. PDF file. This infographic illustrates leadership skills for anyone to understand easily.

Hardesty, Kathryn. "Speech to School Board Supporting School Libraries and Librarians." I Love Libraries. ALA, 11 May 2011. Web. 1 Aug. 2016. This speech illustrates leadership, offering the text of a speech to Ms. Hardesty’s own school board.

Martin, Ann M. Empowering Leadership: Developing Behaviors for Success. N.p.: AASL, 2013. Print. To order: Ann Martin’s book is essential reading for all school library leaders, who are really all school librarians.

National Policy Board for Educational Administration. Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. NPBEA, 2015. Council of Chief State School Officers, 2015.

Valenza, Joyce Kasman. Mindset for School Library Innovators. Infographic. Infographic file.  Joyce’s skill at explaining what it takes to be a school librarian is consummate, and this pictograph is a strong example.

Weisburg, Hilda. "On Libraries: Leadership – There Is No Other Option." Knowledge Quest. ALA/AASL, 22 July 2016. Web. 1 Aug. 2016. Hilda Weisburg won the AASL Distinguished Service Award in 2016; in this blog post, she explains how she came to leadership while exhorting us all to find our own inner leader every day.


Collaboration with Other Library Types

American Association of School Librarians/Association of College and Research Libraries Task Force on the Educational Role of Libraries. “Examples of Partnerships Focused on Information Literacy.” AASL, n.d. These selected examples of information literacy partnerships were compiled from the Appendix of the Blueprint for Collaboration, a report of the AASL/ACRL Task Force on the Educational Role of Libraries and from e-mails sent as a result of a call on several listservs. The list is not comprehensive, but contains examples of different types of partnerships.

American Association of School Librarians/Association for Library Service to Children/Young Adult Library Services Association Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation. ALSC/YALSA, n.d.School/Public Library Cooperative Programs.” The AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation design and conduct a project of mutual interest and benefit to the three participating ALA Divisions, working from a platform identified by the AASL/ALSC/YALSA Presidents-Elect. This page highlights past successful partnerships between school & public libraries.  

Amann, Janet and Sabrina Carnesi.  “C is for Cooperation:  Public and School Library Reciprocal Responsibility in Community Literacy Initiatives .”  Children and Libraries. 12.3 (2012): 11-13. Print. 

Barack, Lauren. "MyLibraryNYC Brings Public Library Services to City Schools, 500,000+ Students. School Library Journal. 24 June 2015. Web..

Bates, Jan and Nancy R. Webster. “One School, One Book: One Successful School-Library Collaboration.” Children & Libraries 7.3 (2009): 47-50. Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, EBSCOHost.

Bengel, Tricia Racke. “Libraries with No Bounds: How Limitless Libraries Transformed Nashville Public Schools’ Libraries.” School Library Journal. January 14, 2013. Web.  Limitless Libraries is a cooperative effort between the Nashville Public Library system and the Metro Nashville Public Schools which allows them to combine their purchasing of print and online materials. Students and teachers in the city's 128 traditional schools now have access to NPL’s entire collection, plus several local university collections, and can check out e-readers. Library usage has risen dramatically and other school/public library partnerships have resulted from this initiative. - See more at:

Brown, Katelyn. School/Public Library Partnerships Bibliography. ALA website, 2014.

Burhanna, Kenneth J. Instructional Outreach to High Schools: Should You Be Doing It?” Communications in Information Literacy 1.2 (2007): 88. Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, EBSCOHost.

Hayden,  K. Alix. “Together We Are Stronger: K-16 Information Literacy Collaborations.” Treasure Mountain Canada wiki. Web. 

MacMillan, Kate. "School and Librarian Librarian Partnerships." Knowledge Quest Blog. 12 July 2016.

Miller, Rebecca T. and Laura Girmscheid. "It Takes Two." School Library Journal. 58.5 (May2012): 26-29.  The article presents the results of a survey of spending on children's and young adult (YA) collections in public libraries, with particular attention paid to the finding that only thirty percent of public libraries collaborate with local school librarians when building their children's and YA collections. Suggestions for enhancing collaboration are offered, and other findings of the survey are discussed. - See more at:

Murvosh, Marta. "Partners in Success: When School and Public Librarians Join Forces, Kids Win." School Library Journal. January 1, 2013. Web. Marcus Lowry, teen librarian, Ramsey County (MN) Library and Leslie Yoder, digital literacy and learning specialist, St. Paul Public Schools, discuss several successful school and public library partnerships across the country, including collaborations in Nashville, TN, La Crosse, WI, Denver, CO, Portland, OR, the NYC/Queens/Brooklyn libraries, Monteray, CA, and Philadelphia, PA. - See more at:

Oakleaf, Megan and Patricia L. Owen. “Closing the 12-13 Gap Together: School and College Librarians Supporting 21st Century Learners.” Teacher Librarian 37.4 (2010): 52-58. Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, EBSCOHost.

Seymour, Celene “Information Technology Assessment: A Foundation for School and Academic Library Collaboration. Knowledge Quest 35.5 (2007): 32-35. Library Literature & Information Science Full Text, EBSCOHost.


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