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Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Learn About Evidence-Based Nursing

Tools and resources for students exploring evidence-based practice and doing nursing research

Evidence-Based Medicine & Nursing Books - PRINT

These print books that go into detail about the evidence-based practice of medicine and nursing. They're great for getting the big picture of the process, and might be able to explain concepts that you're having trouble with. Note that these may be sent to any ACC location for pickup -- click the Reuqest This Copy link.

Evidence-Based Medicine & Nursing Books - EBOOKS

Ebooks may be viewed onscreen or downloaded for your exclusive use for up to a week a time. They're great for quickly learning about issues. In some cases, you may be able to email chapters to yourself for later reference.

Video: Evidence-Based Practice

A short video from Steely Library at Northern Kentucky University about the concept of evidence-based practice

Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Medicine

Dr. Aaron Carroll describes evidence-based medicine and research he has done to find evidence. He also has a good description of the format of most scholarly articles.

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