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CHEM 1111 Lab - Bill Cheek Fall 2017: Scientific Research: Getting Started


How Scientific Information is Published

The flow of scientific information from the University of Waterloo Electronic Library

3-2-1 plus Self Evaluation

List 3 new things you learned for this research project:










List either 2 things you will plan to use in the future OR 2 things that surprised you:







List 1 question you still have or something you wish we had talked about:





What grade would you assign yourself for this assignment, including your group participation and contributions. Why would you give yourself this grade (provide justification)?




Finding Scientific Information

Active and Engaged Activities for this Project -

1. Flipped Classroom

2. Small group work

3. Think/Pair/Share

4. Team-based Learning

5. Peer-Teaching

6. Self-Evaluation

7. Collaborative Discussion

8. Research as Inquiry

9. Panel Presentations

How can Librarians Help?

What do you do if you are assigned to write about a topic that you know nothing about?

It often saves time in the long run to look at an encyclopedia article on your topic. Major ideas and facts will be given, and when you look at more specific sources later, you will have a better understanding of which ones are more significant.

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