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ENGL 1301 Research Paper: Email or Print Tutorial Quiz Results


Print or Email your Tutorial Quiz Results- after completing your quiz, you have several options to email or print your results to turn in to your professor

After completing the tutorial quiz, there are several options to print or email your results: 

Choose Print Results, type your name, choose OK


Click on Print Results, enter your Name, click OK.

After you have entered your name, a Quiz Results page will open - this will show your name and your score.

You may retake the quiz if you do not like your score.


Sample of a Quiz Results pagePrint from PC/Windows : Ctrl + P     

Print from Mac/iOS : Command + P      

Choose Printer + Print

Email from mobile device / tablet :

Take a screenshot + Email as an attachment to your instructor  

Email from PC/Windows : Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn to copy Results page

Open a Word document + Paste your screenshot : Ctrl + V

Save your document + Email as an attachment to your instructor    

Email from Mac/iOS: Apple key+Shift + 3 to copy Results page

Open a document or your email + Paste your screenshot: Alt + V    

Email as either an attachment or in the body of your email to your instructor





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