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Equity & Inclusion: Welcome!

This page provides resources, from ACC Libraries and other sources, on topics related to equity and inclusion.

ACC: Faces of Our Mission

Dr. Susan Thomason, Associate Vice President, Instructional Services, produced this video for an Austin Community College faculty workshop.  We are including it here because it celebrates not only the diversity of the students at ACC, but also of the diversity of program pathways the College offers to match interest, talent, and potential with achievement.

What Is Equity?

"Equality rests on ... assumptions about sameness, while equity assumes more diversity. Assessing similarities and differences without prejudice and bias becomes more difficult."
"One way to understand these terms on a very personal level is to imagine being the parent of twins. Even if you try to treat them identically, differences will emerge over time. Excellence is creating equality with respect to their similarities and equity with respect to their differences."

Equity: Boys standing on boxes to see over a fence with taller boxes for shorter boys

In terms of student success, it is often necessary to address equity issues--such as access to specific technology--that may be related to socioeconomic status and other factors.  At many educational institutions course schedules have not been printed for years; students must register and enroll in courses online. Final grades, financial aid accounts, and college announcements may be provided exclusively online. A considerable portion of a library's collection may be digital  and require access to online databases, including the library catalog, to complete research assignments.

Image from Mann, Blair. (2014, March 12). Equity and equality are not equal. The Education Trust. Retrieved from

What Is Inclusion?

"Inclusion refers to how diversity is leveraged to create a fair, equitable, healthy, and high-performing organization or community where all individuals are respected, feel engaged and motivated, and their contributions toward meeting organizational and societal goals are valued."  This definition comes from Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World by Julie O'Mara, Alan Richter, and 80 expert panelists, sponsored by The Diversity Collegium, 2014. Also: Diversity and Inclusion, Definitions of. (2015). In J. M. Bennett, (Ed)., The Sage Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. pp. 267-269.  HM1211 .S24 2015 ebk  ebooks on EBSCOhost

circles illustration inclusion, exclusion, segregation, and integration.  Inclusion shows all the differently colored balls in one circle 

Image from Special Education Degrees: Your Guide to a Career in Special Education

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