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Finding Periodical Articles: Where Do I Find the Articles?

Learn how to find articles from magazines and journals for your research assignments.

How Do I Start?

Step 1: Choose a topic 
You must have some sort of topic to begin research. However it will often evolve as you do the  research. 
Step 2: Choose keywords 
Keywords describe your topic. Choosing good keywords can have a huge effect on getting good results. Computerized indexes are literal; they will only locate material that exactly matches your keywords. Start out being as specific as possible. If you need more, try more general words.
Step 3: Select an database
Database indexes list periodical articles that match your keywords. Some indexes are general, good for almost any topic. (MasterFile is an example). Other indexes 
concentrate on more specific topics (such as Business Source Premier ). Most of the indexes at ACC include the complete text of the articles.
Step 4: Evaluate your results 
Once you locate the articles, you 
must decide which ones match your needs. See the next page entitled "Which article should I Use." Remember, just 
because you found it doesn't mean it's useful.

Which E-Resources Do I Use?

One of the biggest changes ever in library research has been the ability to get the full text of periodical articles using computerized services. Online full-text periodical indexes have greatly expanded access to articles. 

Here, we have compiled a list of general interest electronic resources we subscribe to at ACC. Any one of these resources would be a great place to begin your research. (See a complete list of ACC Library Databases).

Find Articles

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