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Tech Toolbox: Excel

Helpful resources for working with a variety of technologies available to you at ACC.

Other Excel Tutorials

You can access Excel tutorials through the ACC subscription to Learning Express Library.  Note: Learning Express (and not ACC) requires that you register for a free account before accessing.

  1. Set up your free account.
  2. Use the drop menu under All Centers to choose Computer Skills Center.
  3. Use the Resources drop menu to choose Popular Software Tools.
  4. Under Popular Software Tools choose Microsoft Excel and select the tutorial you want.

Did You Know??

Microsoft Office 365 software is free for current ACC Students, Faculty and Staff.

Install a copy of Microsoft Office 365 on your home computer or personal device!

Download instructions can be found here.

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Learn How to Use Excel from Microsoft

See Microsoft Office video tutorials to learn how to create and use Excel spreadsheets.

  • Start using Excel (4:24)
    The best way to learn Excel 2013 is to start using it.
  • Save and print an Excel workbook (1:48)
    Learn how to save your workbook to prevent losing all your hard work, and how to print your workbook.
  • Insert columns and rows (4:12)
    Expand your workbook by adding columns and rows, and then adding data to them.
  • Add formulas and references (2:50)
    See how Excel calculates formulas for your tables and uses cell references to automatically update totals when you change values in a table.
  • Advanced formulas and references (4:19)
    This video shows you how to write a basic formula and demonstrates a couple important concepts.

See other useful videos like

  • Create a chart
    Charts provide a visual representation of your data, making it easier to analyze. Each type of chart highlights data differently. And some charts can’t be used with some types of data.
  • and many more

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