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Tech Toolbox: PowerPoint

Helpful resources for working with a variety of technologies available to you at ACC.

Start Using PowerPoint

Start using PowerPoint (2:05) 
The best way to learn about PowerPoint 2013 is to start using it.

Save a PowerPoint presentation (1:49) 
In this video, learn how to save your presentation to prevent losing all of your hard work, and find out how to print your presentation.

Insert items in a presentation (2:37) 
This video shows you how to make your presentation more visually interesting by inserting things like pictures, headers, footers, shapes, and more.

Finalize and review a presentation (2:02) 
See how to add some design elements, such as themes and transparencies, and review your presentation before presenting it to your audience.

Prepare and run your presentation (1:20) 
Watch this video for some tips on how to deliver your presentation, including how to deliver on two monitors using Presenter view.

Printing Options

Print slides, notes, or handouts (2:50) 
Minimize slide text and put notes in the notes section, out of your audience’s site. And print them with or without slide thumbnail images.

Prepare a basic handout (4:33) 
Walk through the printing options for slides, handouts or notes so your printouts are the way you want them.

Edit headers and footers for handouts (2:48) 
Learn how to add headers and footers to your presentation handouts in PowerPoint, and how to change their look or position on the page.

Print Notes Pages as handouts (3:17) 
You can print your whole presentation as Notes Pages and give your audience the slides plus all the details in the notes.

Print handouts in Word (4:39) 
Print notes from Word for richer formatting options. Edit content, apply styles, and then print your notes.

Did You Know??

Microsoft Office 365 software is free for current ACC Students, Faculty and Staff.

Install a copy of Microsoft Office 365 on your home computer or personal device!

Download instructions can be found here.

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