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HLC Library Materials Move: Home

This guide serves as a communication tool to keep the ACC community up to date on the relocation of library materials.

Guide Under Maintenance

This guide is currently under construction to address updates due to COVID-19. Please contact the project co-chairs, Barbara Jorge (bjorge@austincc) and Irena Klaic ( if you need immediate assistance. Thank you for your patience.

Message From Dr. Julie Todaro. Library Services Dean


As we all know, the ACC's Highland Campus is expanding. This expansion includes commercial buildings, campus departments (both Gen Ed and Workforce) and a variety of other Centers and services. While our big goal is to have a completely new library (the HLC library was too small upon move-in) our current goal is to maximize use of the current HLC library and contiguous areas for our students, faculty and staff. This entails expanding our collection at HLC by bringing over collection support materials to support the programs moving to Highland. And yes, we have thousands of e-books to support all of our areas, but the HLC departments moving have browsing materials, many not available online at this time and others that will never be available in digital format.

Moving library materials takes a great deal of strategic planning and time and in preparation for moving the materials to the HLC Library, Library Services has reviewed the variety of ways collections can be sorted and shifted and has chosen a way to systematically move these collections.resources to other ACC campus library locations. In order for them to move; however, the following things need to happen:

  • an assessment of supporting collections for programs moving over (ongoing but primarily done with work with classroom faculty, faculty librarian subject selectors, etc.)
  • an assessment of all HLC materials/space (done)
  • a projection of space needed for materials moving (done)
  • an identification of space for renovation adjacent to the library (done)
  • a design for renovation of adjacent space (almost done)
  • a renovation of space (August 2020)
  • a move of materials to meet fall semester needs (August 2020)

To answer questions users have our team has created this online guide to track space changes and the collection move process. We have included an FAQ with anticipated questions already answered. For any additional questions or concerns, we ask that you use the guide’s feedback form.  This form goes directly to the Dean of Library Services - Julie Todaro, the Head Librarian for RGC - Carrie Gits and the Co-Chairs of the HLC Materials Move Committee: Head Librarian for RVS - Irena Klaic, and Faculty Librarian at HYS Barbara Jorge. We will keep updating this guide as we answer your questions and as we progress with the renovation, then move of collections.


Dr. Julie Todaro

Dean of Library Services, Austin Community College

Project Alerts

What is happening now?

January - June 2021

  • New shelving for HLC will be installed
  • Materials at EVC, NRG and SAC to be pulled from shelves and prepared for move
  • Faculty were notified about the projects new timeline

Project on hold due to campus closures

January- February 2020

  • Preparations for the materials move continue:
    • shelf needs assessment
    • space assessment 
    • collection move logistics

October 2019

  • All instructors were notified about their library reserve items.
  • HLC space assessment and shelving assessment are being conducted.

September 2019

  • Timeline for the move has been set up.

August 2019

  • Planning for the HLC Collection Move has started. 

June 2019

  • HLC Library Materials Move Committee was formed.

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