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Executive Leadership: Home

Executive leadership is advanced leadership for those at the higher and highest levels of leadership within their organizations, no matter the type of or size of institution.


The goal for "Executive Leadership" content is to provide an online location to gather links for not only articles and research but also links to the variety of types of media available for refreshing and sharing content. In the next week the following areas will be posted: recommended authors and titles, recommended competencies and traits and "how to" content such as "using movies for teaching leadership." Examples of what we have had so far include:

Lancaster, Simon. Speak Like a Leader

  • Speak Like a Leader is an extraordinary TedXVerona presentation on the ancient art of rhetoric, or as Lancaster calls it "the language of leadership." In fewer than 15 minutes Lancaster provides us with six techniques for taking content and crafting it into a leadership presentation for either performance or project narrative.

Pink, Daniel. Driving Employee Engagement

  • Leaders must learn how to build momentum and once momentum occurs, how to sustain that leadership momentum. Sustaining momentum in the workplace is defined as - among other things - employee engagement. Pink defines engagement and illustrates one of the most important areas that drive engagement - autonomy.

Roberson, Quinetta. The Science of Inclusion

  • TedxVillanovaU offers - through social scientist Quinetta Roberson - a unique look into the science of inclusion and exclusion in an effort to create awareness of "what happens," "how it is defined," and "how we might change" exclusion for whatever reason.

Sinek, Simon

  • An extraordinary communicator, almost anything under the "leadership" heading by Simon Sinek, is informative and inspirational. YouTube content includes a series of Tedx talks he is known for that begin with "Start with Why" and include "Why Great Leaders Inspire Action," "Why Leaders Eat Last," and "Why Leaders Make You Feel Safe." 

Explore recommended content:

Center for the Future of Libraries provides leaders with forward-thinking content for use with projects, reports, grants and presentations to staff and stakeholders. Don't miss Trends and sign up for the weekly blog.

Library Leadership and Management Journal is open to non-members and provides leaders with a searchable list of management and leadership articles, research and effective practices from the past two decades. This is a "don't miss" environment of information.

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