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CHEM 1111 Lab - Prof. Uzomba, Sect. 007, Spring 2022: Start Here

Why do I need this?

ACC Libraries has prepared this guide to help point out the steps and resources you will encounter while working on your Chem 1111 library assignment. Scientific research can be daunting, but we're here to help! 

The best place to start is by going through our Finding Scientific Information tutorial (see below). 

About your assignment - MUST READ

Select a chemistry research topic sheet from the handouts or by going to this link:

CHEM 1111 Topics

Requirements: 2 pages, double line spaced using at least 2 library sources: a reference work and an article from a science magazine or journal. Your sources must be cited using CSE-CS (Citation Sequence) style and listed on a separate page. More information about using CSE-CS is available on the Citing Sources tab in this guide.

When researching and writing, think about the history of the process or the uses of the chemical you are studying. How was it developed, what problems did it solve, what problems did it create? Are there state or federal regulations in place?


Student Learning Outcomes

After completing this assignment, undergraduate chemistry students will be able to:

- examine a particular chemistry topic in depth;

- develop a search strategy for researching the topic;

- develop research skills that relate to chemistry and other sciences;

- evaluate information sources for usefulness and reliability.

Chemistry Library Assignment Introduction

Finding Scientific Information

Finding Scientific Information

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