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Expanded and Free e-Resources for Teaching and Learning Remotely: Home

Find temporary trials and free access to e-resources that publishers and vendors have provided in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: classroom faculty and faculty counselors

  • Through expanded vendor marketing to our faculty librarians, classroom faculty and administrators, we are all experiencing dozens of proactive requests for our purchase of new or enhanced materials.

  • We are addressing each request from you - our users - individually to ensure that you get the content you need. 

  • Given the timeline thrust upon us all and our budget as well as timing regarding the budget - we don’t subscribe or preview immediately – rather – we identify existing material we have that will meet or exceed your needs at this time. 

  • Faculty are encouraged to try out resources. This includes your choosing to take advantage of vendors letting YOU individually (or your department) pilot or subscribe on your own. Of course, and as always – we are careful to make sure we understand vendor pilots or free resources terms as we want to make sure free trials do not obligate the college to purchase or subscribe when the product is no longer free. NOTE: This is an incredibly valuable period of time when those teaching online can immediately experience the power of an online product in supporting your curriculum. So - forgive us for stating the obvious in recommending you to track your decisions and conditions, but these are unusual times and unusual situations!

  • Finally - typically we do not revisit a product if we have reviewed it and chosen not to subscribe within a calendar year BUT we are continuing to hold our regular trials for you and we will include new or revisit older, requested items in upcoming evaluation cycles.

New resources added daily

Check back frequently as new resources are continually added.

Vendor Free and Expanded Resources for COVID-19 Compiled by Libraries

COVID-19 Latest News & Resources

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