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Reference Tips for Librarians Helping Health Science Students

Tips for ACC librarians helping health science students

Public Evidence - Based Nursing Guide

This guide is a public-facing LibGuide for evidence-based research and nursing, although the principles of evidence-based decision making can be applied to all of the health sciences. Take a look here for some resources in our catalog and videos explaining some of the concepts of evidence-based medicine.

Of special interest may be the pages on:

Image of the Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Research Guide

Evidence Based Care Sheets in CINAHL

CINAHL contains Evidence-Based Care Sheets for various diseases and conditions that can be a great way to get a head-start on gathering the best evidence for medical decision-making. You can see this as a "Source Type" limiter on the left after performing a search, OR, you can search them directly by clicking the Evidence-Based Care Sheets link at the top of CINAHL's landing page. Here's an example image:










At the end of each page is a list of the sources that constitute the evidence upon which this sheet is based. Each item is coded according to a Coding Matrix, which is another way of looking at the pyramid listed below. Note that the evidence levels are listed in order from strongest (Published Meta-Analysis) to weakest (Conference proceedings, abstracts, presentation).



Evidence Pyramid

You'll often see the concept of evidence in medical literature described in terms of a pyramid. Methodologies and publications at the bottom of the pyramid constitute lower levels of evidence. Those at the top of the pyramid provide stronger evidence. 



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