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Reference Tips for Librarians Helping Health Science Students

Tips for ACC librarians helping health science students

Anatomy & Physiology

Most students in ACC Health Science programs will have taken either BIOL 2401 – Anatomy & Physiology I or BIOL 2402 – Anatomy & Physiology II before beginning their programs, but they often need to revisit this topic or find information specific to their future careers. Before enrolling in BIOL 2401, student also must take an A&P Assessment Test. The Biology department has a test preparation page for this test.

Anatomy Tools (also found on Medical Tools tab of many Health Sciences ResearchGuides

  • Zygote Body, originally called Google Body, is an anatomy tool that allows you to manipulate a virtual human body. You can highlight various body systems and rotate the images into different views. Structures are named and you can pin them to help in studying. This tool works best with the Chrome browser and may not work with some computers' video cards.  A free sign-up is required.


  • Human Body Maps is an interactive anatomy tool, but with the ability to rotate images in 3D. Clicking structures retrieves relevant text.
  • InnerBody is also an interactive anatomy system that allows you to study particular body systems
  • The Medical Animation Library from the Penn Medicine website provides links to many medical animations arranged by body system and medical specialty.
  • The Wellcome Library has over 100,000 images related to the history of medicine available to download free under a Creative Commons license.
  • Eskeletons from the University of Texas Anthropology Department. A great way to study the human skeleton -- and the skeletons of other primates. Details photographs can be studied from several viewpoints.
  • The U.S. National Library of Medicine's Images from the History of Medicine collection provides access to over 70,000 digitized images, including portraits, photographs and posters.

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