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2021 Greater Austin-Area Information Literacy Symposium (GAAILS): Session Information

Lightning Talks

ACC Library Services Dashboard: Documenting Our Impact
Jeremy Donald, Associate Professor, Librarian, Austin Community College
Amanda Winograd, Assistant Professor, Librarian, Austin Community College

Outreach and Instruction With Public Libraries During the Pandemic
Margaret Dawson, Outreach and Instruction Librarian, Texas A&M University, Central Texas

Our local public library and my university library teamed up to create both Summer Reading videos and instructional videos for the time during the pandemic.

The Librarian-Faculty OER Consultation Process - A Community College Librarian’s Perspective
Renee Kuhles, Associate Professor, Librarian, Austin Community College

In 2019 Austin Community College was chosen to participate in the OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program. The goal of this partnership program was increasing the use of open educational resources across Austin Community College academic departments. One program activity encouraged OER adoption by offering stipends to faculty who committed to exploring and/or adopting subject-specific OER in their courses. Participating faculty were asked to meet with an ACC Faculty Librarian in their subject area for a one-on-one OER consultation. This lightning talk will describe my experience as an ACC Faculty Librarian with faculty-librarian OER consultations and will detail the process of scheduling those consultations, the content covered during those consultations, and the follow-up that was done after the consultations were completed.

Turning to Video During Covid-19: Asynchronous Library Instruction
Theresa Zelasko, Head of Research & Instruction Services, Southwestern University
Katherine Hooker, Research and Instruction Librarian, Southwestern University 

When librarians were no longer able to meet first year students in the library due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Research & Instruction Services (RAIS) librarians created 3 videos to cover library instruction basics so students would get the information we'd usually provide. We set up Google Meet sessions to follow up with students about specific library tools and resources. 


Sparking interest: Using Adobe Spark, Canvas, and Active Learning Strategies to Boost Participation in a First Year Writing Information Literacy Instruction Partnership
Amy James - Director of Instruction and Information Literacy, Baylor University

This presentation will share Baylor University Library’s experience developing and delivering a new tiered information literacy curriculum to support the library’s ongoing partnership with First Year Writing courses. The curriculum is now standardized, with course specific learning objectives and includes pre-session work, delivered via a self-enrolled, self-paced Canvas course with embedded instructional modules built using Adobe Spark and LibWizard. The in-class portion involves active learning group work (which has now been adapted into a virtual environment due to COVID-19), active search time, and an online assignment focused on evaluating authority. The sessions have seen a 24% increase in instructor participation (from 70% in 2018-2019 to 94% participation in 2019-2020) after the first year. 

An Introduction to the Hip Hop Libguide  
kYmberly Keeton, African American Community Archivist, Austin History Center

Participants will receive an interactive presentation to the Hip Hop Lib Guide. The Hip Hop LibGuide is a scholarly comprehensive online resource about Hip Hop Information Literacy and the artform in general. The libguide has been developed to engage novice, intermediate, and skilled learners that are interested in learning more about the culture, social issues, and artistic components of Hip Hop.

Let's Talk About Moving Instruction Online!
Gwendolyn “Wendy” Thompson, Instruction Librarian, Texas State University, Round Rock 
Tricia Boucher, User Experience Librarian, Texas State University, San Marcos
Vija G. Mendelson, Reference Librarian, Austin Public Library
Donna Dean, Information & Undergraduate Services Assistant, Texas State University, San Marcos
Jodi Brown, Collection Development Librarian, Texas State University, San Marcos

Join us for discussion and idea sharing! To get us started, the panel will briefly present on different methods and tools we tried in our efforts to move information literacy instruction and outreach online. We will then move to smaller-group sessions – using questions to stimulate discussion, talk about our successes and failures, and brainstorm best practices. You will leave with access to a shared Google Doc with all our ideas! 

Meeting the Needs of Students Through Virtual Reading Rooms
Linda Kay, Librarian, Ridgeview Middle School, Round Rock ISD
Amy Lott, Librarian, Pearson Ranch Middle School, Round Rock ISD
Laura Stiles, Librarian, Canyon Vista Middle School, Round Rock ISD

In this year of turmoil and uncertainty, many ideas and programs have been implemented to reach online learners. From Bitmoji, Among Us, and Google Slides to Schoology and Classlink, students and teachers have been tasked with many new things. Through all of the challenges, school librarians have been tasked with providing relevant content to promote all kinds of literacy. In this session, participants will learn how a group of middle school librarians teamed up to provide solid information literacy content for their students using these tools and more.

Libraries Competing with Local For-Profits - Where's the Ethical Line for Programming?
Edward Young, Adult Services Manager, Round Rock Public Library
Julie Chapa, Adult Programing Librarian, Round Rock Public Library
Jesus Hernandez MSIS, Adult Services Librarian, Kyle Public Library
Kevin Taylor, President/Founder, The Childbloom Guitar Program

This roundtable discussion considers the ethical line between choosing library programming ideas which answer local community needs/wants, but that do not negatively impact local for-profit businesses that offer the same service.
This is especially important as public libraries increase their virtual/online programming to include: music lessons, tutoring, financial planning, and resume/application help. 1) Should libraries limit what services and programs they offer based on avoiding competing with local for-profits providing essentially the same service? 2) Should libraries confer and coordinate with Chambers of Commerce or similar entities? 3) Should libraries stop a program if they receive any kind of push-back along this vein? 4) Should fluctuations in the local economy lead to temporary holds on programs?

Putting the Us in Inclusive: How UT Libraries Staff Worked Together to Ensure Inclusive Teaching Practices
Michele Ostrow, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Services, University of Texas, Austin
Lacey Brooks, Graduate Research Assistant, Information Literacy Services, University of Texas, Austin
Annah Hackett, Information Literacy Librarian, University of Texas, Austin

As library staff, we are often confronted with situations that force us to find ways to carefully navigate relationships with patrons while also promoting our values of inclusivity, freedom of thought and expression, and respect for others. As our profession grapples with our stance on neutrality given what is happening across our country now, we felt it was the right time to talk about these issues and challenges within our own community of library staff. To do so, three professional librarians and one graduate research assistant in UT Austin Libraries Teaching & Learning Services designed a series of three sessions to enable important discussions about these values. Using what we learned, we put together proposals for changes to policies and processes to make sure that library staff members are supported to create inclusive environments and to interrupt incidents of bias.


When a Program Is Not a Program But Actually Is: The Case for a Live Exhibit with Monarch Butterflies
Michael Abramov, North Village Library Manager, Austin Public Library

Authentic Assessment: How to Find Out What Really Happened To Your Students
Charles Allan, Research, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, Texas State University

Focusing on the Positive (Trends in Data)
Lola Cowling Watters, Head Librarian, Eastview Campus Library, Austin Community College

You Can't See Us - So How Do We Market?
Keri Moczygemba, Head Librarian, Hays Campus Library, Austin Community College

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