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GOVT 2306 Texas State and Local Government - Sinegal: Getting Started

What are you interested in?

Brainstorming! The best projects are ones you care about. Take a moment to write down some issues that affect you every day. 

Maybe it's:

  • access to health care. 
  • not having enough sidewalks in your neighborhood. 
  • lack of diverse books in your local library. 

Write down a few words/phrases/ideas before you start searching. 

The following asynchronous online tutorial may help you in this process.

Where to Begin

Now that you have your ideas, let's look for some current news about them! Your issue may be hyper local or it may be statewide.

There are several ways to begin your research. If you want to find the law on a specific issue, try Googling it.

Example: am I required to have a fence around my pool in Texas?

Maybe you aren't sure where to start. Try looking in the Austin American Statesman from the link below. Remember: your ACC eID and password are required to access these databases.


If you want to see all the bills filed during this session, visit the Texas Legislature Online. Click on Reports and then click on the General Reports tab to get a list of Filed House and Filed Senate Bills. From there, you can investigate further.

If you are interested in LGBTQIA+ issues, Equality Texas has an extensive list of bills that have been filed. 

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