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GOVT 2306 Texas State and Local Government - Sinegal: Writing & Citing

Constructing Your Paper

You've done your research, now what? Let's build a paper!

Citing Texas Law in MLA

The MLA website has an outline for State Senate Bills and Codes. The standard citation for State Senate Bills in MLA style is as follows:

Government Entity as Author. Name of Bill or Resolution. Title of Container, date of last action (day, month, year), URL. 

Example: Texas State, Legislature. Senate Bill 1646. Texas Legislature Online, 3 May 2021, 

Parenthetical/In-Text Quote: (Author, Name of Bill)

                                             (Tex. State Legislature, SB 1646)

Citing any Texas State Codes will follow the same format as the United States Code listed on the MLA website. Here's the standard citation:

Government Entity. Code Name. Title, chapter, section (if applicable), Publisher, Last Date of Action, URL.

Example: Texas Constitution and Statutes. Agriculture Code. Title 3, chapter 47, 1 Sep. 2021, 

If you were citing one section, you will cite as follows:

Example: Texas Constitution and Statutes. Parks and Wildlife Code. Title 4, chapter 32, section 32.151, 15 Jun. 2001,

Parenthetical/in-text citations will be (Shortened Title of Document)

Examples from above: (Agriculture Code)

(Parks and Wildlife Code, section 32.151) <--add section to differentiate between multiple sources with the same entity 

**Try to use abbreviations if you know them/can find them. Ex. Tex. for Texas or Bus. & Com. for Business & Communication. When in doubt, spell it out!!**

**Bolded text for emphasis only. Citations do not need bold text**

Online Tutorials

Need help with your paper? Consider these tutorials! Each one takes less than ten minutes to complete. 

Haven't found what you're looking for? Try online tutoring, now available via Zoom from the Learning Lab!

Stumped by a Citation Question?

Citing in MLA

Use the following video and sites to learn about proper citation in MLA. In addition, learn about cross-checking your citations

You can also create citations using generators. Remember: it's your responsibility to double check the citations for accuracy!

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