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EDUC 1300 - Askew - Spring 2023: Topic 7

This guide will provide you with resources and research strategies for the Social Justice essay assignment in Professor Pamela Askew's EDUC 1300 (Spring 2023).

Topic 4: School to Prison Pipeline


School to Prison Pipeline - Questions

Remember: DO NOT simply number your paper and answer the questions. You are to craft a paper around the questions and around your position, and research regarding the subject that you have chosen.

  1. What is the school to prison pipeline?
  2. Do you know anyone who has been a victim of the school to prison pipeline?
  3. Are there states or regions with higher rates of students that are criminalized?
  4. What is the impact on the student psychologically, emotionally, physically?
  5. How does this impact families? Communities?
  6. What is the impact on academic performance and attitudes regarding education?
  7. Based on your research, how and why has this system existed?
  8. Who benefits from the school to prison pipeline?
  9. How does this system impact civility, perceptions, attitudes within a community among diverse groups?
  10. What can be done to dismantle the school to prison pipeline?

School-to-Prison Pipeline - Articles


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