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EDUC 1300 - Askew - Spring 2023: Topic 2

This guide will provide you with resources and research strategies for the Social Justice essay assignment in Professor Pamela Askew's EDUC 1300 (Spring 2023).

Topic 2: The Missing - Black, Brown and Indigenous Women


The Missing - Questions

Remember: DO NOT simply number your paper and answer the questions. You are to craft a paper around the questions and around your position, and research regarding the subject that you have chosen.

  1. From your research, generally what happens when a person is reported missing? Who does the family or friends contact, what is the timeframe for action from the police to respond, what is the role of family and the community?
  2. How does the media become involved?
  3. Does age and/or race play a role in the amount of attention a missing person case receives?
  4. What are the statistics for missing black women, brown women and indigenous women?
  5. From your research, were there similarities of the missing? If so, what were those similarities?
  6. If there is a volunteer search, who primarily is a part of the search, and what is their rationale for participating?
  7. When there is a missing person, does every missing person’s family get an opportunity to come before the community for a press conference? What is the criteria for receiving this opportunity?
  8. Do BBIW receive the same coverage as their counterparts?
  9. How can more attention be placed on missing BBIW?
  10. After completing your research, what additional insights, questions or concerns did you have?

The Missing - Podcast

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