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EDUC 1300 - Askew - Spring 2023: Topic 3

This guide will provide you with resources and research strategies for the Social Justice essay assignment in Professor Pamela Askew's EDUC 1300 (Spring 2023).

Topic 3: Native American Property Rights & Freedom


Native American Property Rights & Freedom - Questions

Remember: DO NOT simply number your paper and answer the questions. You are to craft a paper around the questions and around your position, and research regarding the subject that you have chosen.

  1. Who are Native Americans or indigenous people?
  2. Historically, what is the Native American’s perspective of land?
  3. Historically, what is the state and government’s perspective on land rights as related to indigenous people?
  4. How did indigenous people lose their land?
  5. What negative experiences did indigenous people face in trying to protect their lands?
  6. Indigenous people have been fighting for their land for many years, in recent years. The term “gentrification” has been discussed and experienced by many. What parallels are there between gentrification and indigenous people losing their land?
  7. What is land back?
  8. Have indigenous people made efforts in getting their land back? If so, give examples of what they have acquired and how.
  9. How are the government and indigenous people working together for conservation?
  10. After completing the research, what new insights do you have regarding the topic, and how will those insights impact or inform your views regarding conservation, appropriation and  partnership.

Native American Property Rights - Article


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