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EDUC 1300 - Askew - Spring 2023: Topic 1

This guide will provide you with resources and research strategies for the Social Justice essay assignment in Professor Pamela Askew's EDUC 1300 (Spring 2023).

Topic 1: Maternity Care Deserts


Maternity Care Deserts - Questions

Remember: DO NOT simply number your paper and answer the questions. You are to craft a paper around the questions and around your position, and research regarding the subject that you have chosen.

  1. What is a maternity desert?
  2. What regions are they most prevalent?
  3. What percentage of the U.S. are maternity deserts?
  4. What are the dangers of maternity deserts?
  5. Are there groups most impacted by maternity deserts?
  6. What risks do maternity deserts pose to mothers and unborn children?
  7. Why should there be awareness about maternity deserts?
  8. Who can help to decrease the impact of maternity deserts?
  9. Why are birth rates so low for black, brown and indigenous women? Additionally, why have they lost faith in the healthcare system?
  10. What interventions have shown progress? What are they and where are they located? Could these interventions be incorporated in Texas, and if so, which counties would benefit most?

Maternity Care Deserts - Article


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