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GOVT 2305 U.S. Government - Sinegal - Fall 2023: Assignments and Their Requirements

Essay Requirements

  • Write two 500-word essays answering a discussion question. 
  • Blackboard discussion question and reply.
  • Must include materials from the textbook We the People AND two additional scholarly sources. 
  • Must include MLA formatting.

Need Help?

Below are online tutorials that might help you in the Research Process.

Identifying Keywords

Finding Articles

Building Research Papers

You can also ask for help with the Learning Lab in person at any ACC campus or online! Most Learning Lab tutors are also ACC professors so they are well versed in assignment requirements and ACC expectations.

What about other sources?

Your professor is fine with you using good web resources. Examples of good web resources would include reputable news sites, federal/state agencies and their reports, thinktanks and non-partisan groups like The League of Women Voters

Unsure of what constitutes a good web resource? Check out the Finding Good Sources tab to complete a tutorial and/or learn about the CRAAP test. 

Using ACC Databases with keywords

Here are some potential discussion topics:

  • benefits, challenges, and the role government should play in freedom of the press
  • should the federal government have more control over state decisions?
  • should all United States citizens be allowed to vote by mail?

Remember: you are giving your opinion but need to support it with your textbook and two additional scholarly sources. 

How do you find scholarly sources? Check out the box below or the tab "Finding Articles".

Keywords are the most important words in your research question. For example, if your research question is "should all United States citizens be allowed to vote by mail?" your keywords are:

United States citizens AND voting by mail 

Including the AND combines both the concepts of United States citizens and voting by mail.

You could also try citizens AND vote AND mail for different results. citizens AND voting will likely give you too many results, depending on the database you are using. Additionally, you could also add United States AND citizens AND vote AND mail.

I've provided links to some recommended databases below. You will need your ACC eID and password to access them. 

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