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Geospatial Engineering: General / Career / Texas Sites

A guide to resources, online and in print, related to land surveying and geomatics.


Career in Land Surveying

From California Land Surveyors Association

Texas Surveyor Seal

General Data Sources


Majors and Career Paths

This information is taken from College Board's annual publication, Book of Majors:

Major Career Paths

Surveying technology

surveying technician
drafting technician
photogrammetric technician
professional land surveyor
GIS manager

For more information, visit the websites of these organizations:


The Battle Creek Fight

Photo courtesy Sarah Reveley

Shortly after the battle of San Jacinto, Republic of Texas surveyors were mapping this part of Navarro County for land grants to be awarded to Texas Revolution veterans. On October 8, 1838 a group of Indians approached the party which was just east of Battle Creek. The Indians numbered 300 to the surveyors 25 (estimated).

The Indians requested the surveyors to leave, but if the men were thinking of leaving, their actions were too slow for the Indians who attacked. The fight, which lasted an entire day, left 18 dead from the surveyor’s party. The number of Indian dead is usually given as 30.

It was the last major conflict between whites and Indians in Navarro County.

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