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United States History: Fee-based Apps ($)

American history resources and web sites for United States History I and II

Fee-based Apps ($)

American Presidents-American Presidents is a beautifully designed, well-written overview of the history of the United States seen through passages on every American President’s life. The application is purposely designed for the iPad. (iOS)

First-Hand History of America-This is the absolute best app for American History available including nearly 700 documents and accounts. This one-of-a-kind set includes 12 volumes of original sources spanning 9 centuries. No other app gives you more firsthand accounts and documents of American history than this unique collection. (iOS)

Civil War Today-The Civil War Today app includes daily Civil War updates from April 12, 2011 through April 26, 2015; “In the Headlines” featuring newspapers from every day of the war; Running tallies of the North and South casualty counts; “A Day in the Life” with personal letters and diary entries from 15 individuals including Abraham Lincoln, Horatio Nelson Taft, and Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut; Photo of the day and photo galleries; Quote of the day; Articles and video on featured topics; Authentic period maps from key battlegrounds; Daily North-South quiz; Detailed background scenes that put you in the time and place of the Civil War. (Northern city, Southern plantation, Western frontier town, military camp); Twitter integration to send a telegram via morse code. (iOS)

Revolutionary War-This app combines paintings, first-hand accounts, multimedia presentations and documents to tell the complete story of the America's march toward independence. The app allows you to mail, or print any presentation or text. REVOLUTIONARY WAR makes use of Air Play to allow you to play your videos through an Apple TV. (iOS)




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