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Medical Ethics: Animal Testing

Information on a wide range of medical ethics issues. For ethics applied to specific professions, see the Research Guides for those professions.

Recent Articles

Recent articles on Animal Experiementation and ethics from the Academic Search Complete periodical database:

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Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints is a collection of essays, articles and documents related to controversial issues. Be aware that these are mostly  opinion pieces. This collection has a few titles that deal specifically with issues of animal testing:

Animal Testing and Ethics Websites

Like abortion, animal testing is an issue surrounded by strong feelings. Once again, it is difficult to find Web sources that are balanced. The links below each support a particular point of view on animal testing.

Animal Testing Interest Groups

The following websites are for groups that have picked a side on this issue. Be sure you are fully aware of these organizations' viewpoints if you plan to use their information as a source. Links are presented here in alphabetical order.


The following articles are available from online encyclopedias in the libraries' collections. You must use your ACCeID to access these off campus.

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