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Jewelry: Find Books and Videos

How to find books, articles and online information about designing, creating and manufacturing and marketing jewelry.

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Where to find books and AV materials

Print books and AV titles on jewelry are shelved according to Library of Congress Classification and mostly (but not always!) located at the HLC library.  

Check these areas on the shelves:

  • E 78 S7  Native Americans of the Southwest 
  • E 98  Indians of North American - Jewelry
  • NK 5000 Enameling
  • NK 5525 Gemstones/Master Jewelers
  • NK 6510  Color on metal, including enameling
  • NK 6530  Chasing and repoussé
  • NK 7100 Goldsmithing
  • NK 7106 - NK 7230  Silver and silversmithing
  • NK 7300 Jewelry history, ethnic jewelry, famous jewelers
  • Nk 7400 - NK 7444  Jewelry from around the world
  • NK 7480 - NK 7489 Wrist watches
  • TS 545 - TS 547  Clock and watch repair
  • TS 725  Goldsmithing, silversmithing, jewelry concepts, design and techniques
  • TS 729  Wax casting, making hinges, jewelry engraving, die-forming, rubber mold cutting
  • TS 730  Working with silver or platinum
  • TS 740 Jewelry repair
  • TS 753 Stone setting
  • TS 755 Emeralds, opals, pearls
  • TS 756  Jewelry workshop safety
  • TT 205  Metal techniques, including textile techniques on metals
  • TT 212  Design and crafting of jewelry 
  • TT 860  Findings, finishes and making metal beads

Why are some jewelry materials in the Ns and some in the Ts?

  • The N section covers the design aspects of jewelry and includes books on the works of great jewelers while the T section covers the technical/how-to aspects of making jewelry.

Or you can search the library collection using keywords: 

  • Some good keywords to use are: jewelry, jeweler, goldsmith, silversmith, enameling, gem, watch, clock, gold, silver, platinum or precious metals.

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