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Citing Sources & Plagiarism: Why it's Wrong!

ACC Guidelines for Academic Honesty

Austin Community College has strict rules and punishments for academic dishonesty, which includes plagiarism.

All colleges, schools, and universities, including Austin Community College, consider plagiarism a scholastic offense and punish students for it. To avoid such charges, you must document your writing.

ACC Administrative rule 1.04.006 has the guidelines on plagiarism (and academic dishonesty in general).

Real Life Examples of Plagiarism

The following articles all describe real life examples of plagiarism and its consequences. (The following citations are not formatted to style).

Plagiarism and Online Information

The internet can be a useful source of information for writing papers. However, because you might be using the same computer to search the web and write your paper, it is very easy to plagiarize web sties.

But remember -- the Internet's convenience and ease-of-use means that your professor might also be using the Internet to check and see if you've plagiarized an online source. The Internet makes it easier to steal others' ideas and to get caught at it! All words and ideas that you use from other sources, electronic or print, must be documented.

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