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Finding Literary Criticism: Collections of Literary Criticism

This guide helps you identify literary criticism sources in the ACC libraries' electronic and print collections.

Library Online Subscription Resources

These online resources are available to ACC students, faculty and staff. To access these resources off-campus, you will need your ACCeID and password.

Search by title or author for best results.

Print Resources

All titles below are not on every campus.   See campuses below.

Short Story Criticism

REF PN 3321 .S5     CYP, NRG, RGC, SAC

This print source comes in multiple volumes. It is a large collection of criticism that was originally published elsewhere. For most stories you can get several different critics' views all in this one source. The last volume includes both a title and author index to the entire set. (Some campuses do not have the complete set).

Short Stories for Students

REF PN3373 .S348     CYP, PIN, SAC

This resource includes over 20 volumes of criticism that was published elsewhere and is reprinted here. Usually you can get several sources of criticism for a story gathered together. Start with the index in the last volume.

Critical Survey of Long Fiction      REF PN 3451 .C75   

     2000 edition:  CYP, NRG, RGC, RVS, SAC

     2010 edition:  EGN, HYS, RRC

Critical Survey of Short Fiction     REF PN 3321 .C7

     2011 edition:  EGN, HYS

     2001 edition:  NRG, RGC, RRC, RVS, SAC

Critical Survey of Poetry      REF PN 1020  .C7

     2011 edition:  HYS

     2003 edition:  NRG, RGC, RRC, RVS, SAC

     1992 edition:  CYP, EVC

Critical Survey of Drama                REF PR 625 .C74

     2003 edition:  EGN, HYS, NRG, RGC, RRC

    1985 edition:  CYP

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