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Librarianship: Fee-based Apps ($)

A guide to library resources and Web Sites for Librarians.

Fee-based Apps ($)


Calengoo-CalenGoo is made for mobile Android devices and can be used to sync Google calendar and other Google apps with your phone. (iOS/Android)

DocsAnywhere-As the name suggests, this app allows librarians to take their Word and image documents anywhere. This is done through USB transfer and it works with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and other kinds of files. (iOS)

Keynote-For librarians who make group presentations for management purposes or during patron events. Keynote supplies animated charts and many other features. (iOS)

Moodboard-Moodboard is a way to put together all of the events and interests going on around the library into one neat display. Print your page and post it up in the library, or have it uploaded to the library website so that patrons can see what’s new and interesting. (iOS)

Offline Pages Pro-Although most libraries have WiFi, there isn’t always access on the journey between home and work. Offline Pages Pro will give you the opportunity to take information and webpages with you to read or work on while you’re not connected to the internet. It also includes PDF reader support. (iOS)

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