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Austin Community College Faculty Publications, Research, Exhibitions, and Performances: Liberal Arts

This guide is aimed at highlighting the academic accomplishments of our full-time and adjunct faculty's publications, research, exhibitions, and performances.

Addis, Cameron - Professor, History Department

Cameron Addis  Curriculum Vitae


       Jefferson's Vision for Education, 1760-1845 New York: Peter Lang AG, 2003.

Jefferson's ideas on education evolved over sixty years - from his adolescent years at The College of William and Mary, through the Revolution and election of 1800, to his death in 1826. In 1776, he saw public education as the cornerstone of Virginia's revolution and hoped it would help destroy aristocratic and denominational privilege, create opportunities based on merit, foster humanism and encourage the political awareness necessary for a republican society. Though limited to white males, public education was a progressive idea for its time. Jefferson's Vision for Education, 1760-1845 examines why Jefferson subverted the democratic spirit of his early plans, and how well other political and religious dimensions of his vision materialized at the University of Virginia during its first twenty years

"North American Observations of the Transit of Venus, 1769" - Second Annual Conference, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Boulder, Colorado, 1996.

Banks, Carolyn - Adjunct, Assistant Professor, English Department


  Carolyn Banks  Curriculum Vitae



  The Darkroom. Viking Press, 1980.

"In this novel the character of William Holland is based on the high-profile case of Bradford Bishop, the State Department official who, in 1976, murdered his mother, his wife, and his three children in their suburban Maryland home. Allegedly, Bishop loaded the five battered bodies into the family station wagon and drove all night to a wooded grove in North Carolina. There, he dug a pit, dumped the remains of his loved ones, doused them with kerosene and set them afire. Smoke from the fire was spotted and the bodies were discovered and identified. Bradford Bishop, however, was long gone."

"Piece of Mind". Weekly column. Austin American Statesman. Online.

Sex and the Septuagenerarian. By Carolyn Banks. Dir. Carolyn Banks. Marchesa Theatre, Austin, Texas. SXSW Shortcase, Austin Film Society. 12 March 2016. Performance.

Cox, Linda L. - Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities

Linda L. Cox   Curriculum Vitae

Dettmer, David - Assistant Professor, English Department

 David Dettmer  Curriculum Vitae

"Benedicere Benedictus: A Profile of H.Y. Benedict" in The Texas Book Two: More Profiles, History, and Reminiscences of the University - edited with an introduction by David Dettmer. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2014. Focus on American History Series, Don Carleton, series editor.

The Texas Book Two: More Profiles, History, and Reminiscences of the University - edited with an introduction by David Dettmer. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2012. Focus on American History Series, Don Carleton, series editor.

  "When the Poor Boys Ruled the Campus: A Requiem for B. Hall" in The Texas Book: Profiles, History and Reminiscences of the University, edited by Richard Holland. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2006.

Frank, Patrick R. - Adjunct, Assistant Professor, English Department

Patrick R. Frank  Curriculum Vitae

Frank_The Opposite of People  The Opposite of People. New York: Four Way Books, 2015.

Grant, Lyman - Professor, Arts and Humanities

Lyman Grant   Curriculum Vitae


Hoppe, W. Joe - Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing Departments

W. Joe Hoppe  Curriculum Vitae

“God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise, Performance,100 Year Flood, FUSEBOX Festival, April 2-12, 2015, Lamar Boulevard Bridge over Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas. Ongoing, Web.

“Writing is Rewriting: Teaching Revision in the Creative Writing Workshop” – Joe Hoppe, Charlotte Gullick, Doug Dorst, Mary Helen Specht, and Jenn McClanaghan, National Conference, Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2015.

Lym, Wendy - Professor, English Department


   Wendy Lym  Curriculum Vitae




Pintar, Elizabeth L. - Professor, Department of Anthropology



     Elizabeth Pintar   Curriculum Vitae


"Ancient DNA from Early Human Burials in the Argentine Puna: Insights into Burial Practices and South American Population History" - Deborah Bolnick, Elizabeth Pintar, Jorge Martinez, Marcela Diaz-Matallana, and Jaime Mata-Miguez, Annual Meeting, Society of American Archaeology, Austin, Texas, 2014.

"Ancient DNA from Early to Mid-Holocene Burials in Northwestern Argentina: Implications for Understanding the Colonization and Early Populations of South America" - D.A. Bolnick, M. Diaz-Matallana, J. Mata-Miguez, E. Pintar, and J.G. Martinez, Annual Meeting, American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2014.

"Obsidian Projectile Points: Patterns of Variation and Range of Mobility During the Mid-Holocene in the Salt Puna of NW Argentina, South-Central Andes" -  Elizabeth Pintar and Jorge G. Martinez, Annual Meeting, Society of American Archaeology, Austin, Texas, 201

"Understanding Foraging Radius and Mobility in a High Desert" by E.L. Pintar and M.F. Rodriguez. Publication Date: Journal of Archaeological Science 59 (2015): 142-158.


Thomas, Anne-Marie - Professor, English Department

     Anne-Marie Thomas  Curriculum Vitae



Tijerina, Andres - Professor, History Department

Andres Tijerina   Curriculum Vitae


"Research and Writing a Book Report in the Digital Age" - Andres Tijerina, Organization of American Historians, Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 2010.

"The Textbook as a Springboard to Critical Analysis"- Bill Montgomery and Andres Tijerina, Organization of American Historians, Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, 2011.

"Vigilante Raids: Violence, Discrimination, and Land Dispossession against Tejanos in the 1870s" - Andres Tijerina, Texas State Historical Association, Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, 2014.

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