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This Library Guide is an instructional pathfinder for students and faculty of Austin Community College's Agricultural Sciences program.

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Intro to this Guide

Types of Resources

There are several types of information available to students through the ACC libraries, both in print form and electronically. Details provided on the different types of resources are listed below:

Books You can find a wealth of resources in the library's book collection. A book can provide detailed background information on a topic.
Reference Books Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc. are considered reference sources. Access these types of resources when you need to find definitions, biographies, overviews, and historical information.
Articles Articles can be found in journals, magazines, or newspapers.  Articles can vary in scope, but usually fall into one of two categories: scholarly and popular.     
Web Sites The internet can provide a wealth of information, especially from government sources and professional organizations. Be sure to carefully evaluate the information found here.

Agricultural Sciences Apps

multiple app icons

Apps (little software applications)​ are available for either android or Apple devices and​ allow you to customize your tablet to do the things you like to do. Some of the apps listed are free, while others are fee-based. Additionally, some apps are initially free, and then require in-app purchases if more features and functionality are desired. ​Here are some app recommendations that may be useful to you as you complete your classes. 

ACC Library Services is ​not ​ liable for reimbursement of any app​ purchases made by patrons. 

large, stylized, white capital letter A on navy blue background  Aeroview InField (Android, iOS)

Using high-res drone data, farmers can easily, identify, manage, and take action again pests, disease, and weed problems through photos, notes, and pin drops.

leaves radiating signal  AgriSync (Android, iOS

Connects farmers with real-time advisors on a variety of farm issues.

fading orange capital F  Climate FieldView (Android, iOS)

Provides farmers with a suite of digital tools to operate yields, maximize efficiency, and reduce risk in their fields.

green circle with two small leaves  Cropwise Sustainability (Android, iOS)

Provides users with steps to define farm operations before the season starts, records practices by season, receives and share individual reports.

water drop CropX Adaptive Irrigation (Android, iOS)

Takes the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling, soil salinity management, and much more. 


paw print  Farm Dog (Android, iOS)

A pest and disease management app that provides easy scouting for your fields including field weather data and path tracking. 

white barn structure with grain graphic, black line roof, on gold background  FarmLogs (Android, iOS)

Farm management tool to keep record, monitor field/crop conditions, and analysis a farm's financial performance.

leaf with magnifying glass  FarmQA Scouting (Android, iOS)

Digital agronomy assistant for crop and field scouting, crop treatment, chemical prescriptions, imagery, and field analytics.

large letter G and large letter P GeoPard Agriculture (Android, iOS)

Enables farmers to have all their farm data such as satellite imagery, soil sampling, yield data, high-density sensor, and topography for fertilizing, crop protection, seeding, irrigation, and more!

  John Deere Operations Center Mobile (Android, iOS)

Provides a mobile connection to the John Deere Operations Center to empower you to evaluate job execution and machine performance.

leaf with stemsPhytech (Android, iOS)

There's a suite of tools here from irrigation, fertilization, field layout, and frost alert.

Wifi type blue bars rise out of green leaves and stem  Semios (Android, iOS)

Remotely monitors and manages weather, pest pressure, water, and plant stress to aid in better crop yield.

green circle with ridges with arrow going up and bar graph  Traction Mobile (Android, iOS)

An accounting app the stores transactions and receipts for general reporting and analysis.

Want more apps? Check out CropLife's Best Agriculture Apps for 2023.

large black letter K  Ekonomics (AndroidiOS)

Provides specific crops calculators for nutrients and growing degree days.

ear of corn with ruler  FS Yield Estimator (Android, iOS)

Calculates yield based on field input from ear kernel length and girth, population, and kernels per bushel. May only apply to corn. 

circle with leaf   Seed Calculator (free for Android$.99 fee for iOS)

Calculates the amount of seed required in order to produce a desired crop yield.

Interested in Agricultural Sciences at ACC?

Interested in learning more about Agricultural Sciences at ACC? Check out the department's page or watch this 5 minute video to learn more!

Scholarships and stipends are available for full-time and part-time students. Check it out!

Check out this free resource produced by Elgin and other Texas farmers and producers!


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