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Tablet Information Guide: Bluetooth Keyboards

Where to I get a keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboards can be found at each ACC campus library. Keyboards check out for 2 weeks at a time.

Keyboards at your campus! Check to see if one is available

Pairing the keyboard to your device

  1. On the Keyboard slide the power button on. The blue power light will illuminate for 4 seconds and then turn off to save power. Your keyboard is still on.
  2. Press the [Connect] button; the status indicator will be blinking blue. 
  3. On your device, select: Settings -> Bluetooth -> On
  4. Your device will display "Bluetooth Keyboard 3.0" as an available device.
  5. Select "Bluetooth Keyboard 3.0"  on your device.  Your keyboard is now paired to your device.
  6. Press Fn+Q is your device is iOs; press Fn+W if your device is Android; press Fn+E if your device is Windows.

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