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Team Leaders & Facilitators (TLF): Home

Welcome to the TLF LibGuide. Here you will find information on who we are and what we do.


Collection Development Team (CDT)

     Co-chairs- Barbara Jorge & Linda Barr

     Members- Adrian Graham, Jonathon Buckstead, Betsy Young, Lola Cowling, Renee Kuhles, Jordan Forbes, Amanda Winograd, 


     Co-Leaders- Jen Weber & Renee Kuhles

     Lynda Infante- Reserves

E-Device Team

     Co-Leaders- Kristyn Pittman & Marc Petrick

IL CouncilLeader, Ashley Carr & Keri Moczygemba

  • Instructive Reference
  • Hourly Instruction Librarian Project
  • CMS/LibGuides
  • Assessment
  • ECHS
  • Instruction
  • Distance Learning


     Leader- Irena Klaic

     James Loomis, Campus Liasons 

Opening Day Collection (ODC)

     Leader- Barbara Jorge

     Members- Molly Ledbetter, Lola Cowling, Jordan Forbes, Lynda Infante, Mary Havens, Jesse Saunders, Alexander Speetzen, Jonathan Buckstead

Public Relations (PR)

     Co-leaders- Betsy Young & Molly Ledbetter, Dave Wilson

     Members- Amanda Winograd, Alexander Speetzen, James Loomis, Keri Moczygemba

Instructive Reference

     Leader- Toyya Cisneros 

 Social Media

     Leader- Dave Wilson

     Members- Ashley Carr, Molly Ledbetter, Kristyn Pittman, Adrian Graham, Steve Self, Margaret Peloquin

Staff Development

     Co-Leaders- Sheila Henderson, Toyya Cisneros

     Members- Jon Luckstead,  Renee Kuhles, Tom Schlib, Murad Abu-Rayyan, Fedora Stakes, Christina Sequerra

Strategic Planning

     Leader- Julie Todaro

     Members- Carrie Gits, Courtney Mlinar, Toyya Cisneros (Lola Cowling, Resource)


     Leader- Marc Petrick


     Leader- Margaret Peloquin

     Members- Jesse Saunders, Steve Self




Time Management


Accessibility- Keri Moczygemba, James Loomis

Assessment- Lola Cowling

Campus Guides- Courtney Mlinar

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion-  Lynda Infante, Alexander Speetzen

Early College High School (ECHS)-  Kristyn Pittman & Mary Havens & James Loomis

Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management (EP & RM)- Irena Klaic & Keri Moczygemba

Facilities - Irena Klaic/Jordan Forbes/Julie Todaro

Hourly Instruction Librarian Project- Courtney Mlinar

Human Resources- Sheila Henderson

Library System Administrator - Melissa Airoldi

ILS/SDx- Linda Barr

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Carrie Gits

Student Support Center Textbook Collection- Carrie Gits

TLF- Toyya Cisneros



General Charge

  • Increase participation in the continual development and improvement of Library Services
  • Continue the LS transforming initiative/process
  • Enhance goal setting and outcomes design, and productivity
  • Increase participation in the LS decision making process
  • Expand avenues, modes and methods of communication
  • Exchange of ideas and information sharing among all LS leaders
  • Increase two-way communication between LS leaders and LS Dean
  • Identify ways to maximize library staff, resources and services
  • Identify library needs, strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats/challenges
  • Develop pathways to leadership, management, and team building
  • Develop awareness of ACC issues affect Library Services, and vice versa


Building Effective & Motivated Teams

Trust Building


Copyright- Courtney Mlinar

Faculty Publications, Research, Exhibitions & PerformancesAmanda Winograd

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)- Evan Hendrix

McNaughton- Amanda Winograd

Reserves- Lynda Infante

Sustainability- Phil Roche



Full Time Positions

E-Resources- Adrian Graham


All LS General Session are held at the beginning of the Fall semesters. Please register for these mandatory meetings.

Fall Dates-

To Be Determined

Please check your email for more information


Benefits of Team Leaders & Facilitators Meetings

  • Communication among LS Function leaders
  • Problem solving
  • Information sharing between groups
  • Team building
  • Collegiality
  • LS Function representation
  • LS networking


Working in Teams

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