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Library Services Makerspace Kits: Arduino

ACC Library Services has a collection of circulating Makerspace kits for all current ACC students, faculty and staff.

Image of Arduino Kit

ACC Library eBooks

Cover image for Arduino Project Handbook        Cover image for Adventures in Arduino         Cover image for Learn Electronics with Arduino         Cover image for Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino

O'Reily for Higher Education


O'Reily for Higher Education (Access provided by ACC Libraries) 

Over 45,000 titles from O’Reilly and 200+ trusted publishers, including Harvard Business Review, Pearson, and more. Also includes 30,000 hours of video from industry leaders as well as case studies from top companies.




Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center


Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center (Access provided by ACC Libraries) 

Offers "how-to" instructions for virtually every hobby enthusiast with full text for more than 1,500 leading hobby books and craft magazines that cover Arts & Crafts, Collecting, Home & Garden, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing, and more!




Arduino Projects Beginner Level

Just getting started with Arduino? Adafruit, a woman-created manufacturing company focused on sharing and teaching tech online (More about Adafruit), has created a 17 part series introducing newcomers to Arduino and its capabilities.

Direct from the creators of the Arduino, the Arduino Project Hub has Arduino-focused projects for varying skill levels.  

Beginner-level projects that introduce you to each component of the Arduino and the accessories that go with it. 

Intermediate to Advanced

Community-sourced projects with varying levels of difficulties organized by platform. 

Instructables is a community-sourced hub of various projects ranging from simple art projects to intricate tech builds. Here you can find a hub of projects for the Arduino and more. 

Community-sourced projects that users can create or contribute to all in one place. Make: Projects aren't just limited to Arduinos, but have a wide variety of projects to choose from. 

Link to Arduino Education Remote Learning playlist

28 Videos. 


Image of Arduino


What is an Arduino?

Arduino Uno is a microcontroller. A microcontroller is used to control other electronics and circuits. The Arduino Uno can be used to create blinking LEDs, music boxes, and more!

What is Arduino

Getting Started with Arduino Products

Arduino Reference 


Arduino Kit Checkout Policies:

The Ardunio kits are available at every campus library. In the event one happens to be checked out, you can request a kit from a different location! Check their availability on the library website here!

To Checkout a kit: Be a current ACC Student, Faculty, or Staff member and have a valid ACC ID card!

Arduino kits have a 3-week loan period with one renewal which can be done online or in person.

When you are finished with a kit, please do not return the kit to the book drops. We'd appreciate it if you could return the kit to the main desk at any campus library just so they don't get broken!

If you have any issues with a kit let us know! We can see what's going on and help you get back to making cool things!

Disclaimer: In the event of the Arduino not being returned with the kit, you may lose kit lending privileges. This is a case-by-case scenario, if you feel like this may be an issue, please reach out to a library staff member as soon as possible.


Student Learning Objectives 

Completing Arduino activities will result in constructing projects including home automation, networking, and controlling devices remotely. Successful completion of these projects will have patrons/users: 

  • Exploring basic concepts of electricity flowing through a circuit.
  • Learning about electronic components and construct basic circuits.
  • Exploring basic programming concepts.
  • Interacting with the physical world using an Arduino microcontroller and components such as LEDs, various sensors, buttons, motors, etc. 

Virtual Arduino with Tinkercad

Virtual Arduino

Explore the Arudino virtually through Tinkercad and start making projects and test driving ideas all online! 

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