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Todaro ALA Initiative WORKSPACE "Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library": Expert Panel Draft Workspace

This is a work space for draft documents only. Please see your workspace tab for more information.

Expert Panel Membership

Camila Alire, Chair

Debbie Abilock

Carol Brey

Jim Cooper

Ed Cortez

Barbara Ford

Olivia Frost

Luis Herrera

Joe Janes

Andrea Lapsley

Jamie LaRue

Robert Newlen

Satia Orange

Jim Rettig

Ramiro Salazar

Mark Smith

Betty Turock

Blanche Woolls

Janice Welburn

Tara Ballargeon

JoAnne Kempf        

Expert Panel Charge

Expert Panel

Charge: To provide a forum of multi-type library/LIS experts for reviewing Committees’ initiatives, content, and products in a timely manner. The Expert Panel needs from Committees:

  • Committees/workgroup content, products, and/or anything else they need input and opinions from the Panel.
    • This work should be sent in batches as opposed to individual pieces with a deadline date for response.
    • The Expert Panel members will respond directly to individual committee chairs and/or committees with copies going to the Expert Committee chair.
    • The Steering Committee will make the final decision on all content, products, etc.

Expert Panel Draft Content to Review

Review Panel Timeline

Although the Expert Panel has been assembled to respond to Steering Committee and subgroup content, a number of questions will be asked of the Expert Panel during the process from January through May, 2016. Content from subgroups will be vetted beginning late spring and through spring 2017.

Expert Panel Questions and Answers

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