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Adult Education: ESL

Helpful resources for students in Adult Education classes preparing for a High School Equivalency exam

ESL Best Plus 2.0 Placement Test for ESL Classes

The Adult Education Department at ACC uses the Best Plus 2.0 literacy test to place students in ESL classes.  Resources listed below on this page can help you practice and improve your English language abilities. One specific resource recommended by the Adult Education Department that you may want to use is USA Learns.   It is a free website for adults to learn English and prepare for U.S. citizenship. Here you can practice English speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and more. Now, you can even prepare for your naturalization interview to become a U.S. citizen!

Grammar and Usage







Find Print Books in the Library

Here are some of the keywords you can use to search the catalog to locate books you can use to study English

ESL Grammar

ESL Reading

ESL Vocabulary

ESL Writing

English Second Language

Need to Take the TOEFL Test?

Find study guides for the TOEFL test and related books, such as writing for the TOEFL or vocabulary for the TOEFL.

The following link performs a search in the ACC Libraries catalog for books to help with the test. 

Click here: -- TOEFL 

Keyword: TOEFL

Good Luck TOEFL

Writing practice can be hard to obtain, but Good Luck TOEFL is a resource dedicated to helping you improve this skill. It contains hundreds of activities to help get better at writing, which are helpfully organized into five categories for your ease.

International Students

If you are an international student you may find useful information in the ACC Library Guide for International Students

Searching Google

Research Tip

Research Tip
Use the "site:__" command to limit your searches to specific types of websites. For instance, searching for "grammar site:edu" will limit the results to educational websites.

Google Web Search

Is It Credible?

Who wrote the article? Think about the author's qualifications, education, profession, etc.

What does the article say? Does the content address the topic of your paper? Is it written at an appropriate level?

When was the article published? Is it current or out-of-date?

Where was the article published? Did it run in a popular magazine or a scholarly publication? What kind of website is hosting this information?

Why was the article written? Does the author have an agenda or bias?

P - Professional publication (scholarly or academic journal, etc.)

A - Author is reputable

R - References to other scholarly or academic sources

C - Current data / information

A - Accurate information


Currency: How timely is the information?

Relevance: How closely does the information meet your needs?

Authority: Who or what is the source of the information?

Accuracy: How reliable, truthful, and correct is the content?

Purpose: Why does the information exist?

Thanks to the Original Creator of Most Boxes on this Page

Most of the content on this ESL page came from the libguide created by Shawna Thorup that is titled English for Bilingual Students.  It is available to libguide creators through the Community Guides.

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