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Expert_HRDR: Job Titles

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As with other professions, when roles and responsibilities change, so do position titles. Depending on the organization; however, some titles may not be changed officially due to the organization's protocols; therefore, more contemporary wording in titles may be used informally. This could be problematic if the organization will not let managers use unofficial titles in job advertisements or on business cards. At the very least, managers should review titles along with position descriptions to use - as possible - the newest, most appropriate terminology to reflect HR best practices and to provide accurate information for any compensation reviews, and - as appropriate for promotion and tenure.

Academic Titles

  • Job titles in academic libraries typically include any discipline specific responsibilities such as Chemistry, Environmental Sciences or English Librarian. In addition, titles can reflect functional areas of the library such as Instruction Librarian, Collection Development, Reference Librarian, Web Design, Scholarly Communications, Web Development or Data Services Librarian. Newer terms can include combinations of older and newer terms such as Outreach and Equity Librarian or Digital Archivist or Solo Librarian. Other newer titles include these examples used either individually or with other terms:


Digital Services

Educational Resources

Electronic Services; Electronic Information Specialist 

Information Architecture

Information Technology/Information Technologist

Knowledge Management

Learning Commons

Metadata Librarian

Online Learning

Research Services

Teaching & Learning; Learning Services

Virtual Services 

Visual Resources

Newer (or newer to libraries)

Academic Technologies

Digital Projects

Discovery Services

Electronic Initiatives



Equity and Inclusion

Expert Librarian

External Content

Information Analyst

Integration and Innovation Specialist

Information Strategist

Knowledge Analyst

Knowledge Architect

Knowledge Integrator

Knowledge Resource

Online Curriculum Curator

Open Educational Resources

Research Analyst

Shared Content and Licencing Coordinator



Student Success

User Experience/Usability


Public Titles

School Titles

Special Tiltes

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