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Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Finding Evidence in CINAHL

Tools and resources for students exploring evidence-based practice and doing nursing research

CINAHL Complete

The primary database for nursing research is CINAHL Complete. It features the most complete repository of citations to nursing research literature, and often provides the full-text of articles.

Searching for Evidence in CINAHL Complete

The CINAHL Complete advanced search page offers several options for finding evidence-based medicine articles. Click the Advanced Search link on the main page, and then scroll down until you see some of the options on the right.

The Evidence-Based Practice box will limit your search to Evidence-Based practice articles and journals, as well as certain types of studies.

The Randomized Controled Trials box limits to articles so identified.

The Publication Type box has several options that might be considered strong evidence, including Clinical Trial, Systematic Review, Randomized Controlled Trial, Evidence-Based Practice and Meta Analysis. You can combine several of these options by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you choose multiple options.



NOTE: Don't check all of these boxes or choose all these publication types at once. No articles will match ALL of these criteria. Try each of these three options in separate searches.


Search Tips

If you have a complicated search, consider searching the various elements in separate searches, and then combining the searches afterwards using the Search History function.

Then, you can combine the searches using either the AND (all of the terms) or OR (any of the terms) functions.


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