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Women's History-Primary Sources: Revolution & Republic

Revolution & Republic

Stamp Act Congress Declaration          

Association of the New York Sons of Liberty 

The Edenton Ladies Patriotic Guild

Letter in Response

Phillis Wheatley, Letter to Samuel Occom

Phillis Wheatley, Letter to William, Earl of Dartmouth

Declaration of Independence Rejected Clause

Phillis Wheatley, letters and poems excerpt

Abigail Adams and John Adams, letters

Sarah Osborn, Experiences in the Revolutionary War

Esther Reed, Ladies Association of Philadelphia

Benjamin Rush, “Thoughts upon Female Education” 

Abibail Adams’ Letter to Jefferson on Shays’ Rebellion

Patrick Henry, “Against the Constitution” Speech

Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, excerpt

Objections of a “Friend to the Ladies” to Woman Suffrage in New Jersey

Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, excerpt

Dolly Madison on the British Invasion of Washington         

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